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The Mount, Millbrook Park

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Situated on former MOD barracks, Millbrook Park develops an extensive site next to existing infrastructure to form a new sustainable urban extension. The masterplan covers a 33.6ha site over a fifteen-phased development to deliver 2,240 new homes. Setting a benchmark for the whole development, The Mount, TateHindle’s scheme for the first phase is at the centre of the masterplan and provides 133 homes. The variety includes 3-4 bedroom townhouses, 2-4 bedroom affordable houses, and 1-2 bedroom apartments to encourage a diverse community.

Creating a sustainable urban extension

The brownfield site features large swathes of open ground with a significant change in level from north to south of 13 metres. The design utilises level changes by stepping buildings to create varied elevations and enable the integration of underground parking to reduce the impact of the car. External stairs with integrated ramps provide level access to homes.

Stepped landscaped courtyard blocks

The Mount comprises two clusters arranged around internal courtyards, regimented by apartment blocks on the east and west sides with terraced houses on the north and south edges. Marker buildings are located on corners as part of the wayfinding strategy. The variety in form, elevation and roof responds to Mill Hill’s architectural heritage.

Residents benefit from extensive public and private amenity space. A landscaped boulevard links the two clusters with two new public parks to the east and north. Utilising roof-terraces, courtyards, gardens and balconies, homes are designed to take advantage of the dramatically sloping site with views of the surrounding parks as well as capturing panoramic vistas over London and the countryside beyond.

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