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Sylvester Street, Sheffield

Sheffield City Council has granted planning consent for a new mixed-use development that will create 335 new build-to-rent homes alongside co-working facilities and commercial space at Sylvester Street, south west of the city centre. The development, for build-to rent specialists PLATFORM_ will also offer communal dining facilities, residents’ lounge, gym, bike club, alongside private and public amenity including roof terraces.

Responding to the industrial heritage

Prominently located within the Cultural Industries Quarter (CIQ) conservation area in a neighbourhood renowned for its industrial heritage, the development sits between the ‘Mary Street Character Area’ and ‘Peripheral Area’. Previously occupied by steel workshops and yards, the 5,950sqm site has been vacant for the last 10 years and is currently used as a temporary car park. Evidence of the neighbourhood's history and mixed fortunes is visible through the presence of red brick steel works and warehouses - while many have been restored and converted for commercial or residential use, others remain derelict.

Regenerating the Porter Brook

The site is also adjacent to the Porter Brook corridor and one of the key aims has been to restore the importance of the brook, making it one of the focal points of the scheme. The development opens direct access to the brook with two publicly accessible pedestrian routes through the site linking Mary Street and Sylvester Street. The new links and route create a series of spaces including an urban garden along the Porter Brook corridor for both residents and the public to enjoy. The new pedestrian route forms part of the emerging riverside walk, connecting the brook to the east and west, contributing to the wider regeneration of the area.

Knitting into the existing fabric

Knitting into the existing fabric with a robust material palette featuring brick, the development comprises two buildings; an L-shaped and a standalone block front Sylvester Street and Mary Street and frame a courtyard housing the bike club. Accommodation ranges from studios to 3-beds and is spread across the two blocks and includes a reception with concierge. Apartments are arranged in clusters around cores to help foster a sense of community within the development. Generous amenity provision including landscaped gardens at ground level, public realm along the Porter Brook and roof terraces provide communal space for residents’ benefit. To compliment the residential offer, a co-working space and commercial unit face the street at ground floor level.

Responding to the immediate context and future regeneration plans, the building height ranges from five to 14-storeys. The lowest point of the scheme fronts Sylvester Street and is in keeping with the ‘Mary Street Character Area’, stepping up to 14-storeys south-west of the site to reflect the 22-storey building height at New Era Square.

Work on site will commence in early 2019.

“This is a huge opportunity to raise the bar for city centre living in Sheffield. We are delivering purpose-built rental housing that gives residents a quality home with professional service and additional on-site amenities - all of which are currently lacking in the traditional private rented sector - as well as contributing to the revitalisation of the city centre.”

Jean-Marc Vandevivere, Chief Executive, PLATFORM_

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