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Gagosian Gallery

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Our scheme at 20 Grosvenor Hill has transformed what was a tired 1960s office block into a contemporary building suitable for a world-renowned art gallery. The podium, which is situated between a multi-storey basement car park and residential tower, connects seamlessly with the public realm.

Simple brick form

Externally, the podium is clad in handmade ‘artisan’ Roman bricks in a blue-grey palette, chosen to create visual unity across the entire elevation. The bricks are elongated and flatter than standard stock, which gives a textured look and feel to the façade. Dependent on the level of daylight and orientation of the sun the brickwork has a unique ephemeral appearance through the play of light, shadow and texture.

The western side of the podium is defined by a simple brick structure with full height glass doors and vitrine windows punctuating the façade and advertising the main gallery spaces.

"The Gagosian Gallery is a fantastic addition to the West End and is another major milestone in the transformation of Mayfair."

Craig McWilliam, Grosvenor Britain and Ireland

Double-height spaces

Internally, the western first floor slab in the podium has been removed to create a spacious double height gallery. High quality offices and client viewing rooms on a single first floor storey occupy the eastern side of the building. The new floor banding is in keeping with the horizontal floor slabs that dominate the façade above. The windows to this space occupy the full height between the banding and create a vertical rhythm along the street, whilst mirroring the architectural composition of the tower.

The scheme was designed in collaboration with interior architects, Caruso St John, and has recently won a London regional RIBA Award.

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