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Beaulieu Keep

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This new residential development to the northeast of Chelmsford will create a new community of up to 3,600 homes on 580ac of farmland. The development centres around New Hall School, which occupies the Grade I listed New Hall and its registered park and garden.

In 2012 we were appointed by Countryside Zest to work on the overall masterplan and progress one of the first land parcels, Beaulieu Keep, comprising 256 new contemporary homes. The parcel is bounded by roads to the west and north, a park to the south and a significant hedgerow to the east.

Sustainable community

Establishing sustainable social communities has been a priority that has led to a diversity of over 30 unique house-types serving the modern needs of different households. All dwellings have been designed to Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design standards to accommodate the changing needs of residents. The homes have been placed within the landscape and gathered into five distinct character areas. The design sensitively responds to the site’s context, creating a vibrant new community for the 21st Century.

Respecting the landscape

As part of the design approach, we embraced the existing landscape features including historic field boundaries, drainage channels, ponds and hedgerows to create a framework for development. Our proposal draws on Beaulieu’s agricultural heritage with the inclusion of courtyards which follow the form of local farmsteads.

A bridleway, which is currently shared with a road, transverses the site which the scheme replaces with a dedicated landscaped pathway connecting strategic amenity spaces.

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