TateHindle Architects

Mask connectors to support the NHS

TateHindle are supporting the NHS with PPE masks and 3D printed connector valves.

We are very proud to be supporting our NHS with Dr Whittaker (who is based at the Homerton and Royal London Hospitals), by creating full face PPE respirators, with scuba masks and 3D printed connector valves. After the mask was selected by Dr Whittaker, TateHindle designed the valve to fit the mask to the standard medical viral filter. This principle has been developed by several others in the design community from the famous “Charlotte Valve”. After an initial successful prototype was printed on Wednesday, we were able to supply the first 20 connector valves and the 20 face masks on Easter Saturday morning.

“With the help of TateHindle… we are transforming scuba masks into respirators that will allow us to perform these high risk procedures as safely as possible.

TateHindle designed the key component to link viral filters to masks. They donated not only their materials and time free of charge but went over and above buying extra masks for the wider team. They worked over the Easter weekend through the night to get the initial prototypes completed in time. They are releasing the adaptor 3D file for anyone to download for free and use locally for similar purposes.

The surgical team and their families are incredibly grateful to Harish and Ross at TateHindle”- Dr. Max Whittaker.

After some trials and testing, our adapted mask function can now protect healthcare workers and deliver respiratory support to patients suffering from the coronavirus.

Please Click Here to request a download of the 3D model files.