TateHindle Architects

Gingerbread Future City

The Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City returns for a festive look at masterplanning. Now in its third year, the initiative challenges architects and engineers to reimagine what the ideal city of the future looks like with a brief that encourages inclusivity, easy navigation and sustainability.

Envisioning a playful world where we can live alongside some of our favourite creatures, TateHindle’s contribution for Gingerbread Future City creates ‘P-P-P-Pick Up a Penguin House’, a home for a community of penguins. Characterised by generous amenity space, the residential building provides a rooftop snow garden, winter terraces and a wraparound iced slope. The site includes a public park which has been transformed into an ice rink for skiers and skaters to share, and creates a space for both residents and the public to enjoy.

P-P-P-Pick Up a Penguin House is featured in an exhibition of over 60 gingerbread buildings at the V&A. The display of eye-popping, inspired and ingenious designs is available to view until 6 January 2019, further details here.